Poke NY outfitted wildlife animals with GPS tracking devices for the BBC. This way the audience could follow animals that the BBC shot a documentary about during their migration. You could follow a humpback whale as it made its 4000 mile journey around the world. Unfortunately this awesome campaign isn’t running anymore, but POKE was kind enough to leave us with some images. For more info click here.


The Easybloom is a new Gardentool that answers questions like:

  • Can I grow tomatoes on my patio and parsley in my windowsill?
  • How can I get my hibiscus to bloom and my ficus to stop drooping?
  • How can I find new flowers for my yard this year?
  • How can I stop killing plants and wasting money on landscaping that dies?
  • How can I end gardening by trial and error?

After planting the Easybloom it can give you tips and tricks on growing plants in your garden. Pretty smart if you ask me, more info here.


The Joydick is a wearable device to control your Atari console created by SF media labs. Gameplay is based on realtime male-masturbation. If you get tired of the single player mode don’t worry, multiplayer is cuming. The female version of this device is on the way so you can include your girlfriend in some serious gaming. The next time if you’re at a boring diner party, play a game, it will kill the dullness guaranteed!


Wired made a top 10 list of sci-fi weapons that actually exist. This one gives you the feeling you’re burning alive, once turned off your perfectly fine. See the other nine here