Realmpictures and their friends created a real life first person shooter on chatroulette. Instead of looking penises or duck eating snakes chatrouletters got a chance to control a guy wearing a livestreaming-gopro-enabled-helmet and help him find his way through the game. Wish i’d had a go. See how they did it here.


Threadscreen is an instore installation at Forever 21. A screen where the pixels are made of thread. Showing your Instagram photos on the screen, they’ll display you in the threads of F21. Making the clothes wear you instead of the other way around. Made by Breakfast NYC.


This just made my day. Amazing. The Artificial Killing Machine is a data visualisation of every individual death due to a drone strike. For every death the toy cap guns fire. Underneath a chair is placed for viewers to experience the threat. Created by Jonathan Fletcher Moore and Fabio Piparo.

As it explores the relationships and interactions between technology and human life, it asks, “Do we feel comfortable?”

See the whole thing here.



I’m pretty sure I need this. I’ve seen more concept videos like this but this is actually real. Attach trace to your board and track things like speed, height, location, turns and eventually even tricks. Get it here.