The 2.4Ghz Project hacks into wireless surveillance cameras and is available to the public. You can hack into any CCTV camera or even a wireless camera for parents to monitor their children. This device points out the vulnerability of such cameras. Because with the technology becoming available to everyone most people don’t realise their broadcasting signals as well.

“This project (on-going) has several layers. Initially, I have been walking around different towns in Europe to collect and record footage received with the device (see below for the collected movies).

The second part of the project (also on-going) consists of placing the device in the street to reveal the presence of the cameras and to make obvious the fact that anyone can receive those signals.

The third stage of the project consists of a series of workshops: 2.4GHz Workshop, where participants are invited to explore the CCTV wireless networks of their city by searching and recording 2.4GHz surveillance video signals. The recorded material is then compiled into a movie of the event.