Vodafone is introducing fixed fiber services for the first time in The Netherlands in a small town called Roggel. Fiber transports data with the speed of light and Vodafone wanted to see if this village was ready for such speed. To measure this we challenged them to a contest of speed with Vodafone’s fastest; Jenson Button. In the Grand Prix of Roggel the fastest of Roggel took on the fastest of Vodaone in a race through the village. Roggel in a F1 Simulator equipped with a 3D version of Roggel, Jenson Button through the streets with his world championship winning F1 Mc Laren Mercedes.

As Roggel has little over 4000 residents we couldn’t possibly invite the whole of The Netherlands. Therefore we made a documentary regarding the whole event from Roggels preparation of speed to their race with Jenson Button. Here.