Turf is a nicley designed mobile application built with the help of kickstarter. It changes your neighborhood into a reallife monopoly board using Foursquare. You can earn coins with check-ins which you can spend on new property later. Every other geographer that visits your establishment earns you coins. You do have to invest your coins …


Korean artist Jaebum Joo likes 8BIT. A lot. He reduced the world’s most famous paintings to it’s bare essentials. 8BIT. I like the fact that of the gameboy card as a reference to the ongoing conversation of legitimizing games as art. Besides these images he likes to make paintings of them too. I like it.


Can’t wait to play. Us your iPhone as a controller for iPad or mac Book. Awe-some. Get it here. More. Via thebrotherfromanothermother.


Apptoyz are toys iPhone and iPod touch extensions when it comes to gaming. Kinda Wii meets iPhone. By adding a physical toy to the devices they enhance the gaming experience. You can expand your device with the appBlaster, appCopter, appRacer and the appWheel.


Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery is a 21st century interpretation of the archetypical old school videogame adventure, designed exclusively for Apple’s touchtronic machinery. It’s a mix of laid-back exploration, careful investigation & mysterious musical problem-solving occasionally punctuated by hard-hitting combat encounters. S:S&S EP is an unusual genre-bending effort with an emphasis on sound, music & audiovisual …


Apparently one of the ten reasons why you should hire Fiona, a finishing interactive art director at Hyper Island. Unfortunately her website doesn’t appear to be functioning as awesome as it should be, but it’s still a fun little game.


People Can Fly, EPIC games and EA games teamed up and produced Bulletstorm. This game is all about  the skill of your kills, instead of the amount. Ofcourse with insane weaponry. Epic. Via


I just came across this. It’s an app that enables you to make music by the selection of animated characters, and upload it to youtube. There are several levels with different beats and characters. I’ve tried it and it works pretty sweet, except for the uploading to youtube. The sound isn’t like it is on …