Realtime ASCII conversion of Google Streetview done in WebGL. Every time you reload it picks a random awesome location. You need Chrome, Firefox 8 or any other browser that supports CORS Web GL. Play with it here.


Beatsurfing was anounced a couple months back. A music making iPad app with a fresh new interface. You can build your own controller and set objects to control others. It’s also compatible with any MIDI enabled device. Quite nice.


Burit0bot is a Burito-printing-3D-printer by Marko Manriquez to start the conversation around the hidden issues revolving around fast food like labor practices, environmental consequences or nutritional values. They still need money to so if you contribute it might not be to long before you find this awesome foodprinter in your kitchen. More.


Clouds is a computational documentary featuring hackers and media artists in dialogue about code, culture and the future of visualization. Made by Jonathan Minard and James George, this preview of what to come later this year maps out video in a 3D environment. They paired a Kinect with a DSLR and using their RGBToolkit they …


Training becomes playing. Just hook up your shoe to your iPhone and you’re all set. Really like this stuff. Can’t wait to start training in this stuff. Oh, they made basketball a bit more interesting as well. Sweet.


unCloud is an application which enables anyone with a laptop to create a open WIFI network to distribute their own information without having to be connected to the internet. Nice. More here.


The Pirate Bay introduces The Promo Bay. A platform for unfamiliar artists in whatever form to gain popularity. Add yourself to their base and you picture will be shown on The Pirate and with 1.8 Billion visits a month this is quite a deal. The image will be linking to your website and all …