In response to the urban space shortage in Valencia self-taught designer Fernando Abellana created a secret studio underneath a bridge. Besides it looking good, it’s a smart ass solution to a neverending crisis.

Award winning camera

Dries Depoorter created a camera that only allows you to shoot award winning pictures. ‘This A.I. powered camera has been trained by all previous winning World Press Photo’s of the year. Based on the identification of labeled patterns, the camera is programmed to recognise, make and save only winning photos, which are automatically uploaded to …


Until I die is an installation made by Dmitry Morozov that operates on unique batteries generating electricity using his blood. A human synth.


About 10,000 people visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe every day. And to many, the slabs represent the gravestones for the 6 Million Jews that were murdered and buried in mass graves. To others a great selfie moment. Satirist and Israeli author Shahak Shapira created Yolocaust to “explore our commemorative culture by …