In Spike Jonze’s new ad for Medmen we learn George Washington was a weed grower himself, and that after hundreds of years, Americans can now enjoy the product of a founding father. Though it’s been normal in The Netherlands for years, the US is catching on in understanding that it brings more good than bad. Especially once legislated.

The simplicity and beauty of the scenes put weed into a whole new light. Awesome.


Space X and entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa will launch creators into space to visit the moon for the ultimate inspirational trip.


In an effort to discover the lenghts people are willing to go to get free stuff, Matthias Dörfelt created face trade. The installation prints of computer generated portraits in return for a picture. The picture is stored in the one place on the internet that will never disappear, the Ethereum blockchain. The pictures will also be posted to https://www.itradedmyface.com/.


BBDO NYC used the delay in a FB Live video to create a music video for The Academic that enables them to play with their past selves. Fucking sweet.


Gucci Guilty is examining modern love. In this visually curated series they discover the love of models and real-life couples – including photographer Ashley Armitage and models Ilana Kozlov and Adesuwa. People who define their own love connections and are liberated from the status quo. This emancipation has a universal glow, from which these lovers say #guiltynotguilty.

by VIRTUE & Sarah Bahbah


A robot that uses artificial intelligence to analyse itself, thus reflecting on its own existence. Comprised of Google’s Tensorflow framework and a simple mirror, the experiment translates self-portraits of a digital body into lyrical guesses. It’s aesthetics are great though.

“Contemporary research in artificial intelligence enables the machine to describe visual input by expressing meaningful sentences. Based on our current state of knowledge, this intellectual ability is exclusive to mankind and unique in the universe. In response, the project Narciss uses this scientific milestone to raise a question at the core of human experience: What do we always look at, but never fully understand? Ourselves.”



ChineseWhispers is an installation in which four head figures perform the children’s game: “Chinese Whispers” – a sequence of repetitions of a story, each one differing slightly from the original, so that the final telling bears only a scant resemblance to the original.

“Today our lives: online, physical and in other dimensions, depends so much on reinterpretation and transfer of data through multitude of channels. Observing people in real life talking and meaning separate things, one may wonder, what if this wasn’t intentional or a human nature of nurture; but rather a natural result of natural fatigue and decay. A rigor that even human-non-alike machines also seem to perform.”

Made by Saurabh Datta. Awesome.


PET De Lux is a luxurious one-off-a-kind tribute to Commodore’s PET 2001 computer, handmade from American walnut. Though its looks are kept true to its original heritage, PET De Lux hosts a modern computer inside, emulating video game systems such as Commodore64, NES and many more. For overall navigation and control, the computer is accompanied by two custom-built wireless controllers, inspired by the classic TAC-2 joystick.​

Made by the talented Love Hultèn.




Apple Launching their home pod together with KFA Twigs and Spike Jonze. The best thing about the film is that they made everything for real. No CGI, but actual handcrafted and operated sets.

See the original video here.


Directed by Juan Meza-León, Rick & Morty star in the Run The Jewels – Oh Mama music video. Their new season has not yet launched but this is the closest we can get to a new episode.